All of the knowledge you need to utilize ultimate leaderboards is available, right here in this gitbook.


Ultimate Leaderboards allows you to quickly and easily create a physical leaderboard showing your servers top players. This guide will quickly go over all of the setup, configuration options and examples for you to use to customise your leaderboard.
Ensure that you have correctly installed this addon by clicking here.

Applying Changes

To apply changes you make to the configuration (detailed here), simply hit
in the bottom right of your dashboard. Then, head in game and type the following command. Before making any changes to the configuration, we recommend that you set up your leaderboard in game first.
/sk reload leaderboards
You'll know if you've done this right if, in chat, you see "leaderboards.sk reloaded successfully".
If you see red text with an error, you've made a mistake. Head back in to the file, click "Ctrl + z", repeat "applying changes" process and then try again. If you need support, join our discord. If you DO NOT have vault and essentials installed you will see 2 error messages. This does not break anything unless you want to use the balance feature. If you don't want to use the balance feature, ignore these errors.
If after reading this guide you still find yourself in the need for support, join our discord.